Tohoku University Alumni, Thailand : TUAT
Association Information
  • 2021.03 First Tohoku University alumni gathering in 2016
  • 2021.03 First TUAT annual seminar in 2018
  • 2021.03 Second TUAT annual seminar in 2019
  • 2021.03 TUAT committee’s meeting in 2020
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Brief Description
Tohoku University Alumni Thailand (TUAT) Association was established in 2018. The mission of the TUAT is to create and sustain a lifelong relationship between Tohoku University and growing community of alumni, former students, and former Thai Tohoku University staff through the following initiatives:
•Connecting all members and providing both social and professional networking
•Fostering leadership development of members from all genders, generations and careers
•Engaging current students for being future alumni
Reunion events both online and on-site are organized. The activities encourage our members to stay in touch with old friends and make new connections globally through exclusive networking functions.
Year of establishment 2018
Chairperson Asoc.Prof.Sittiwat Lertsiri
Number of members 107
Contact person Parichat Wetchayont
Contact Information and the languages available
English and Thai
URL of the alumni association's website and links to social networking service
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