Alumni Association of Tohoku University in Mongolia:AATUM
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    Brief Description
    Mongolian citizens who have studied or graduated from the University and their family members, supporting friends can become a member of the Association. Any person, who is eligible according to the previous provision, sending his or her CV and the application to the Secretary to the Association can be a member of the Association.
    Year of establishment 2017
    Chairperson Darjaa Tsembel
    Professor, Department of Chemistry, School of Art and Science, National University of Mongolia
    Number of members 63
    Contact person Darjaa Tsembel
    Togos Galbadrakh
    Contact Information and the languages available
    English and Mongolian
    URL of the alumni association’s website and links to social networking service Public Facebook group: Тохоку их Сургууль Төгсөгчдийн Монгол дахь Холбоо/AATUM
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