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Message from Tohoku University President, Hideo Ohno

Dear Tohoku University Alumni around the world,

The year 2022 marks the 115th anniversary of Tohoku University’s founding. It has also been 100 years since the formation of the Faculty of Law and Letters, marking the start of our history as a comprehensive university.

Tohoku University was established with support from citizenry, business, and local governments. Since its establishment, Tohoku University has worked closely with communities to ensure its innovations and breakthroughs make positive impacts upon society. 115 years on, in the face of global challenges, Tohoku University has reaffirmed its mission to contribute to global society. In 2021, we launched our “Green Goals Initiative” to further contribute to the realization of a greener and more sustainable future.

Today, as we approach the 115th anniversary of the founding of our university, we recognize that our Alumni are not only the lifeblood of Tohoku University’s success, but that they also play a prominent role in providing expertise, inspiration, and support to their alma mater in achieving its goals.

On this occasion, as I believe that when we all come together, it is not only to relive the good old days, but also to cultivate future professional networks and to build even stronger bonds than before. our Alumni become more diverse and widespread, we would like to invite all of you to help enliven the anniversary of Tohoku University’s founding through your participation in events and social activities that will reunite you with your fellow Tohoku University Alumni all over the world.

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Imagery Within the Logo

To commemorate the 115th anniversary of its founding and its 100th anniversary as a comprehensive university, Tohoku University has launched a new logo.

The design includes a bush clover (hagi) which symbolizes Sendai and represents the knowledge that grows and blossoms in the region.

The new logo’s design encapsulates the university’s history, future, and retains the essence of the Tohoku University logo.

Tohoku University Alumni Fund

As part of its journey towards becoming a world-class university, and with the aim of becoming a leader in a prosperous future global society, Tohoku University has set up the Tohoku University Fund.

This fund aims to keep privately funded international students active in education, research, and international exchange activities. It also helps the university to realize its priorities, to share knowledge with the world, and to tailor education and research towards a greener society.

We ask for your support in realizing an enriched and sustainable future global society through the creation of outstanding research results and the production of global leaders.

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